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Up and out of the wheelchair!


Kristen and I saw Debbie being pushed in her wheelchair by her friend Eric.  They said that she had been hit by a car on March 26th.  The doctors tried to re-build her right knee but she was unable to walk or stand ………and was in pain (9 out of 10) since the surgery.  She also was not able to bend her left leg.  Debbie also said that she had suffered with depression.  So we asked the Lord to heal her.  She went into a deep trance and almost fell out of her wheelchair.  Then she came to and said she felt better….the pain was gone!  I asked her if she wanted to try and stand……. and she said yes.  She stood right up and began to slowly walk and shouting with joy, “I’m walking!  I can bend my leg!”  She just kept walking and shouting, “I’m walking!  I can bend my leg!”

About this time a police officer pulled up and asked if she needed assistance.  We told him that the Lord had just healed her.  He looked at us with an incredulous expression and asked Debbie if she needed help.  She said, “No I’m healed.”  Then the officer said,” Say aren’t you the ones that sell papers over at the intersection?”  Debbie nodded and said, “Yes that’s us.”  After a minute or two, the Officer looked at Debbie and said,” Now how long ago were you hit?”  His demeanor had changed from skepticism to a kind of reverence.  Shortly after the police officer left, an ambulance pulled up with lights flashing.  Two paramedics approached and repeated the conversation we had with the officer.  Debbie told them she had been healed and so they left as well.  ……….  JESUS IS REALLY GOOD!

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