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Cataracts and body/back pain healed!

Yesterday my dad and I were driving when we saw a couple walking with their groceries down the street. We felt led to go ask if they needed prayer and when we stopped they said, “yes!” We quickly found out that the man, Juan, had cataracts and severe neck and body (mainly neck and wrist) pain. We prayed first for his cataracts and within minutes the cloudiness went away and he could see clearly! His wife, Annette, was shocked at the difference when she looked into his eyes! His wrist pain was at an 8/10, but in the end ALL of the pain left his wrists and neck!

After Juan was all healed up we prayed for Annette who had back pains and thyroid gland issues. She could feel the presence of the Lord and all of the pain in her back pain left! We are waiting for a doctor’s report about her other issues.

God is good! 

– Kristen