We believe that just as 1 Corinthians 2:4 states, the gospel of the Kingdom was never intended to be preached with mere words but with power, signs, and miracles.

Spirit and Word

We believe in the inescapable combination of the Word and the powerful Person of the of Holy Spirit, who anoints us to do the same acts Jesus did (Acts 10:38, John 14:12).


We believe that every believer can be equipped to demonstrate God's supernatural power and love uniquely where they are situated, whether at home or work—in season or out (2 Timothy 4:2).


In 2014, Terry founded Lasting Liberty Ministries to help others move into their divine purpose. His primary call is to equip God’s people to do the work of the ministry in the demonstrated power of the Holy Spirit. He has hosted Christian conferences and has performed itinerant ministry to various groups. Lasting Liberty Ministries is headquartered in Irving, Texas. 


Terry and Lasting Liberty Ministries receives oversight and guidance from Bobby Conner with Eagles View Ministries. You can find articles and teachings by Terry on our official YouTube channel and Facebook page!


Whatever God is willing to do for one person