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Lasting Liberty Ministries

Equip. Restore. Disciple.

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Our Mission

Why Lasting Liberty Ministries was founded...

Lasting Liberty Ministries was founded in 2014, in Lubbock, Texas but had inklings early on. Our first conference was called "Why Not Here?" with the mission of breaking off the idea that revivals or the supernatural could only happen in certain areas. God choose the unlikeliest and overlooked. Lasting Liberty Ministries and Terry Witherspoon have spoke and ministered in locations around Texas (Big Spring, Irving, Odessa, and Seminole) and throughout the United States in meetings large and small.

Lasting Liberty Ministries, Terry Witherspoon and team have ministered to all people and groups from all walks of life—irrespective of race, faith background, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. Terry has his background in architecture (having his own firm since 1996) and after a supernatural encounter similar to mentioned in Acts 11:15, he felt led to go to the street for evangelism and pray for the sick. In 2017, he wrote his first book, "The Principal Thing: Why Faith?" and since appeared on the television program (Lasting Liberty), written several more blog posts and books, and been speaker at numerous events.

Equipping the Body...

As a Christ-centered ministry our vision is to see every person experience the love and forgiveness of God. We accomplish this by providing resources that equip believers with the tools they need to know Christ and live His life in their confronting back

What we do here at Lasting Liberty Ministries!

Demonstration of Miracles


Street Ministry

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Prayer for Healing and Deliverance

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Articles, Inspiration, and Testimonies


Need inspiration? Looking for testimonies? Read our the Lasting Liberty Ministries blog to discover diverse teachings, supernatural testimonies of healing, and more.

Lasting Liberty Ministries is not a church. We are an itinerant ministry, founded by Terry Witherspoon, and currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We do host meetings (view our Event page) and bring in speakers occasionally. However, the majority of the ministry is dedicated to street ministry, equipping through teachings online and books, and speaking at churches and events around the country.

To invite Terry Witherspoon (of Lasting Liberty Ministries) to speak at your church, podcast, or home meeting, and no group size is too small, simply go to our Contact page and send us an e-mail listing details of your event date, location, and who you are.


We believe that just as 1 Corinthians 2:4 states, the gospel of the Kingdom was never intended to be preached with mere words but with power, signs, and miracles.


We believe in the inescapable combination of the Word and the powerful Person of the of Holy Spirit, who anoints us to do the same acts Jesus did (Acts 10:38, John 14:12).


We believe that every believer can be equipped to demonstrate God's supernatural power and love uniquely where they are situated, whether at home or work—in season or out (2 Timothy 4:2).