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The Lord Healed Her Dog!

One day I saw a woman wearing a knee brace. I struck up a conversation with her asking what had happened to her knee. She told me her name was Jody, and that she had recently had knee surgery and was in severe pain. I told her that I thought the Lord wanted me to pray for her. She seemed surprised and a little perplexed but agreed to let me pray for her. The pain diminished until it had gone away. Jody was very happy and moved by the experience and I gave her a copy of our book, “The Principal Thing: Why Faith?”

Jody explained that she had attended a Catholic school when she was younger. She could remember being confronted with the decision to have faith in God or science. Jody chose to follow what science was teaching at the time and consequently turned away from God.
My family and I have had several conversations with Jody. She has received Jesus as her Savior since that initial meeting!

Jody is currently the head of a research department within a medical university system. She still works within the higher academic circles but now has a personal relationship with God through Jesus. Jody explained that she is now learning a new identity. She now walks in a faith that moves mountains while working in the highest levels of scientific academia.

We recently received the following e-mail from Jody:

“Hi Terry!

My dog had a full abdominal ultrasound 3 weeks ago. There was a mass/tumor (2 inches by 2 inches) on the right lobe of his liver. I prayed, laying my hands on him nearly every day. Last Friday he was scheduled to have the mass removed. The vets could not find the mass anywhere.

Praise the Lord. He answered my prayers. I love being obedient.”