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Deafness healed by Jesus!

Billie and some family members asked Kristen and I to come to their home to pray for a 3 year old relative named Ozcar. This little boy had been diagnosed with deafness by their pediatrician. They were told that he was 100 percent deaf in the left ear and 80 percent deaf in the right.When we arrived, Ozcar was fast asleep and the three of us stood at the foot of the bed discussing his needs. Billie stated that he could scarcely talk and they were concerned that he may be underdeveloped for his age. This was most likely because of the deafness. We stood there speaking in a normal manner and he never moved. He clearly could not hear us and did not stir or awaken. So then we began to pray for Jesus to heal him. I placed my hand on his head and then a strong heat could be felt under my hand. Then I prayed for his ears while placing my finger in each one. He slowly reached up to touch his left ear as he began to awaken. Then I whistled softly while standing off to his left and his eyes quickly opened and he turned his head to the left looking at me.

We could see immediately that he was hearing! We spent the next hour watching him play with toys. Ozcar was clearly hearing the smallest sounds and answering/interacting with us like any three year old would. At one point, he suddenly stopped and told us to “Shuuuush (be quiet)!” He then cupped his ear as though he was trying to hear something outside. As we softened our voices, we then could hear the faint sound of some kids playing outside! We also noticed that Ozcar was talking a lot.

Billie mentioned that Ozcar was saying words he didn’t used to say and talking more. A few days after that encounter, Ozcar was checked by physicians again and the Doctor declared that Ozcar is not deaf!

Jesus is so wonderful!