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Jesus Healing People in the Pharmacy!


This happened over the course of two days.

My dad and I (Kristen) were in a convenient store getting some bottled water when we saw awesome family standing by the pharmacy/medicine aisle. We felt led that one lady in particular needed prayer and so we approached them. The family is out of Littlefield and was VERY receptive to prayer. The woman we first approached had arthritis and had constant pain in her legs. Her pain level went from an 8 to a 0 after praying and she felt a wonderful heat (the Presence of God) all over her body! She told us that the doctor’s had tried everything on her leg to make it better. Her husband’s back pain was also healed!

The next day we were again in a grocery store, this time keeping our eyes peeled for people to pray for, when we passed a woman standing in line at the pharmacy. Feeling that she was the one, we stopped and asked if she needed prayer—she quickly said “yes” and we began to pray. She was having back pain due to being on her feet a lot and so we prayed for that. The pain level went from 9 to a 5 to a 0 and as she put it she felt an “cooling sensation” on her back!

I love these because they show how God can meet us right where we are at and knows EXACTLY what we need!