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Juan can walk now!

For a brief history on Juan and my first encounter with him, please read the original post below:

I saw a man riding an electric scooter along the street last week. Juan had been injured in a train accident more than 40 years earlier as a baby.  He was not able to walk and had almost no mobility in his body. He also had pain in his legs and his speech was very slurred. He prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior and then we prayed for healing.  The pain in his legs left, he was able to move his legs, and his speech became clear. He said he could feel tingling in his head.

I went to visit him today and he walked to the door!  He could speak more clearly and had much more mobility. He stood outside as we prayed again and his arms began to shake under the power of the Holy Spirit. He started to move his hands and arms in a way he could not before! Praise the Lord for His power and Presence!

Now fast forward four weeks after initially meeting Johnny (Juan). My daughter, Kristen, and I went to visit Johnny to pray for him again. I had received a word of knowledge from the Lord that his left leg was shorter than his right one. We asked Johnny to sit on a sidewalk with his legs straight forward. Johnny confirmed that his left leg was shorter.  (It appeared to be about 3/4″ of an inch shorter than the right leg.) So we prayed for the leg to grow and it slowly grew in length until it match the right leg!  We later prayed for his knee and ankle.  Johnny was able to bend his knee and ankle for the first time since his childhood accident, making it much easier to walk.  Johnny said that before we met he could not do the following:  walk,  bend his right arm, move his right hand, flex his right wrist, bend his right knee, bend his ankle.  His speech was also severely slurred but now was much more clear.  Check out the video taken of our most recent encounter.