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The Lord did more than we could ask or think!


My daughter Kristen and I saw a man named Marcello walking along the road when the Lord directed us to stop and pray for him.  So we asked if he needed prayer. He said he was in severe pain and had been walking a long distance. Marcello explained that he had broken his right leg twenty years earlier and the doctors had inserted a steel rod in his femur in an effort to save his leg. He had been in pain all those years and could not walk without a limp or pain.  I felt led to ask if he could stand on his toes to which he responded “no…no way”.   We asked what else he needed prayer for and he said that he had injured his right shoulder six years earlier and it has caused severe pain since then and was not able to work due to the injury.

So we prayed for the Lord Jesus to heal Marcello and to remove his pain. Then we asked him to try his shoulder out. His eyes grew large as he lifted his arm and moved his shoulder.  He said, “The pain is gone, I couldn’t do that.”   Then I asked him to try his leg.  He looked with amazement as he walked around and said, “There is no pain!.”  Then I asked him to try to stand on his toes. He looked at us and then went right up on his toes….smiling with amazement.  Then Marcello looked at Kristen and I and said that even the pain in a tooth was gone.  He had severe pain in a tooth that he didn’t mention to us…… but the Lord knew and healed that too!