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Fibula, wrist, and collarbone = no more pain!

My dad and I (Kristen) were driving around downtown when we noticed a woman walking down the street. We stopped and asked her if she needed any prayer. Her name is Judy and she then let us know that her collarbone had been fractured and she was in severe pain. So we prayed a simple prayer and God instantly took the pain away!

After talking to her for awhile she told us that her husband, Gary, had severe wrist pain (from his job as a bricklayer) and that his leg was in a soft cast. We then agreed to meet at their nearby hotel so we could pray for Gary. At first Gary was unable to move his wrist, even slightly, without pain. And then after praying he was able to move his wrist back and forth without any pain!

Gary’s leg was in a soft cast because less than four weeks ago he had broken his fibula. The doctors had put two screws in his leg to try and hold it in place. He was scheduled to have a regular hard cast put on his leg the following week.   We prayed and all of the pain left his leg and he was able to stand on the leg and walk without any pain and without the crutches!  He was able to flex his foot from side to side with no pain! 

Thank You Jesus!