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The Lord healed Maria!

06 08 12 MARIAMy daughter Kristen and I saw Maria outside a convenience store. We asked if she needed prayer and she said, “I need prayer for everything.”  She had high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.  She had terrible pain in her hips and knees due to the arthritis.  So we prayed for the Lord to heal her and she could feel the Lord’s power touching her.  We asked her to check the pain.  Maria said, ” The pain is gone!”  I asked her to do something she could not do before and she did a deep knee bend.  She said, ” Oh wow”, as she straightened up.  She was surprised to be pain free.  We prayed again and she felt strength come into her body.  She walked away pain free and convinced that Jesus had healed all of her infirmities.  Praise the Lord!