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The Lord provided Blessings and Healing in a store!

02 11 13 RENT TO OWNI was visiting a friend that managed a small rental store. I felt led to pray for an employee there named Sammy. The Lord blessed Sammy in a powerful way and I declared blessings would start coming to his life. I told him that Jesus loved him with an everlasting love and that He was still doing miracles for people.   I said, ” You can go home tonight and ask the Lord to prove Himself to you.”  Then I said, ” Maybe someone will come in that needs to be healed so you can see how Jesus still works.”

About five minutes later a lady came in to pay her bill. I received a word of knowledge that her right hip needed to be healed. She was not speaking English so I asked my Friend to ask if her right hip was hurting?  She turned around and said,  ” How did you know?!”  I said that Jesus told me and that he was going to heal her.  So I prayed for her and the pain left her hip, back and knees!  She said,  “I could feel the bones moving and a buzzing in my ears!”.  Then she began to tell of her relationship with her Heavenly Father.  She said,  “One day I finally asked Him to prove Himself to me and He did.”

This really blessed Sammy, who had witnessed the whole experience. The Lord really showed up and blessed everyone there with His great mercy and Love!