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Karen was healed in the store!

imagesMy wife Renee and I overheard a lady named Karen talking about her infirmity. She had severe pain that shot through her back and down her leg. The Doctor suspected that it was fibromyalgia. So I approached her and asked if we could pray for her. She said, ” At this point I’m willing to try anything.”

So we prayed for her and she said, “I can feel heat…I’m getting hot.” I asked how her pain was and she said, “The pain is leaving…..It is almost zero.” So we prayed some more. Then I said that it was done and that she was healed. Karen said, “I know it is because I felt it go down my leg and out of my left foot.”

She was very relieved because the pain had been so bad that she was in jeopardy of losing her job.  She walked away happy that Jesus loves her.

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