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These are exciting times for God’s people! He is releasing more to us and positioning us to rule. The ‘Shepherd’s Rod’ is a yearly time, during the Day of Atonement, when God will visit His prophets to review the condition of the sheep and reveal some things in the future. Catch Terry’s latest book for insights for believers!


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I heard the Lord say, “My people will escape these hard times as they listen to Me and obey Me in faith.”

The veil separating the natural and the heavenly realm will continue to get thinner. Resistance from demonic forces will not have effect in these places. The rule of God and the rod of His strength will be intense and tangible in these places.

We will co-labor with our Father in forging and restoring the world we live in now.

“I’ve known Brother Terry Witherspoon for many years now. He is a wonderful man of God. It is an honor for me to write this forward. Terry’s Shepherd’s Rod 2021 is titled Born to Rule!” Within these prophetic pages you will quickly discover that Father God has chosen you and appointed you to rule and reign. I recommend this book to you. Get your Bible and a paper and dig deep into these treasures of truth. Your life will be greatly enhanced.” – Bobby Conner, Eagles View Ministries

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