Whatever God is willing to do for one person, He is willing to do for you. We believe nothing is impossible with God!

Jesus Heals Maria’s Foot!

We felt led to go into a laundromat. When we saw Maria wearing a medical boot, we asked her if we could pray for her. She told us she had broken her foot in 4 places and had a pain level of 9.

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The Lord Healed Her Dog!

One day I saw a woman wearing a knee brace. I struck up a conversation with her asking what had happened to her knee. She told me her name was Jody, and that she had recently had knee surgery and was in severe pain. I

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Jesus Heals Rosa

We were leaving the mall when we saw a woman wearing an arm brace getting out of her car. We asked her if she wanted prayer and she said—YES! Rosa had broken her collarbone and some ribs in a car accident over a month ago

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Update for Mario

We met Mario last year. He was walking with severe pain due to sores on his feet. We asked Jesus to heal him and to remove the pain. Mario was shocked when he was able to walk with no pain. We then prayed for his

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Jesus Heals Elouise

Jesus healed Elouise in the laundromat.  She was walking with a severe limp in both legs. We asked if we could pray for her and she said she had a pain level of 10 due to arthritis in her knees and hips.  We prayed for her

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Miracles at the Laundromat!

We had some more adventures today, this time at the laundromat! 🙂 First we met a lady named Brenda, who had a pain level of 10 in her leg, you can watch her giving her testimony above! – We also prayed for a man named

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