Know God by knowing His Son, Jesus.
If you have not received Jesus as your Savior, say this prayer.

Dear Jesus,

I believe You are the Son of God. I realize that I have not lived up to Your standards of what is good. I want to be pardoned for everything bad that I have ever done. I believe that Your blood was shed for me. I believe You died for my sins on the cross and then arose from the dead three days later. Please forgive me now. Please come into my heart and become my Savior and King. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and make me into all that You desire me to be.


Congratulations, you are now born again! That’s it!

Believing gets the job done. You are now on a path that leads to peace and purpose for your life.

Find other people that follow Jesus and hang out with them. Get a Bible and start reading it regularly so you can learn about all the amazing things your new life will bring. The Holy Spirit will guide you and teach you.

God is always with you!

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