The Lord showed His love for a prostitute…

Prostitute_the_Sphinx__1898I passed by a lady walking down the street with a cane and severe limp.  She had the appearance of a prostitute and looked like she was soliciting business.  As I passed by, I sensed the Lord tell me to stop and pray for her.  I thought,   “Are You sure?!”.  Then again a strong impression shot through my mind to stop and pray for her.  So I drove around the block and pulled up directly across the street from where she was walking.  Her eyes focused on me as I walked up to her.  I said, “Hello, what is your name….. I believe the Lord wants me to pray for you.”  She seemed shocked and disappointed at the same time.  Then she quickly replied, “My name is Elizabeth……ok….you can pray for me.”  I asked what was wrong with her and why she limped in pain and had to use a cane?  She said she had been in a car accident and her hip and pelvic bones had been injured and knocked out of place.  I said,  “Ok, I will pray for you and Jesus will heal you”.  So I put my hand on her shoulder and asked Jesus to heal Elizabeth.  Within seconds she began weeping and shaking.  I asked what was going on?  She replied,  “I can feel the bones moving back into place! “  I asked her to try and walk….to see how it felt?  She took a step and her eyes became bright and she said with a smile, “no pain”.  She continued smiling and shaking her head as she moved her hips around and then walked back and forth.  She handed me her cane and said,   “Here, you can have it….I don’t need it now.”  She told me of the many struggles she has had with sin but wanted to do right.

Something strange then happened.  I had called my wife and daughter to meet us at a near by restaurant.  I wanted to pray for Elizabeth to receive deliverance from what had her in bondage.  However, she took off running down the street before we could pray for her again.  Elizabeth did not get delivered from everything that day …..  but she did have an encounter with the Lord and she knew that He loved her.  I believe the Lord will finish what He started for Elizabeth and she will receive deliverance.      Heb 12:2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

The Lord healed a broken collar bone and torn rotator cuff for Kevin!

06 12 13 KEVINI saw Kevin walking along the street wearing a shoulder harness.  I stopped and asked if I could pray for him.  Kevin had a broken collar bone and a torn rotator cuff due an accident 2 weeks previously.  So I asked Jesus to heal him and he said,” I can feel tingling in my shoulder”. The Lord healed him!  He removed the shoulder harness and moved his arm and shoulder around and there was no pain!

The Lord healed Maria!

06 08 12 MARIAMy daughter Kristen and I saw Maria outside a convenience store. We asked if she needed prayer and she said, “I need prayer for everything.”  She had high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.  She had terrible pain in her hips and knees due to the arthritis.  So we prayed for the Lord to heal her and she could feel the Lord’s power touching her.  We asked her to check the pain.  Maria said, ” The pain is gone!”  I asked her to do something she could not do before and she did a deep knee bend.  She said, ” Oh wow”, as she straightened up.  She was surprised to be pain free.  We prayed again and she felt strength come into her body.  She walked away pain free and convinced that Jesus had healed all of her infirmities.  Praise the Lord!

The Lord healed Juan!

05 19 13 JUAN

I saw a man riding an electric scooter along the street last week. Juan had been injured in a train accident more than 40 years earlier as a baby.  He was not able to walk and had almost no mobility in his body. He also had pain in his legs and his speech was very slurred.  He prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior and then we prayed for healing.  The pain in his legs left, he was able to move his legs, and his speech became clear. He said he could feel tingling in his head.

I went to visit him today and he walked to the door!  He could speak more clearly and had much more mobility. He stood outside as we prayed again and his arms began to shake under the power of the Holy Spirit. He started to move his hands and arms in a way he could not before! Praise the Lord for His power and Presence!

The Lord healed Dorothy’s arthritis!

baby_phone 2_I was visiting my friend Joe at his business in Odessa, Texas when he mentioned  his 88 year old mother named Dorothy.  She had arthritis in her back and could not stand or walk without severe pain. We were in Odessa, Texas and she was in Denver, Colorado.  So we prayed over the phone and Dorothy said she could feel the Lord when we prayed.  I asked her to try out her back and legs.  She started to weep and said, “The pain is gone! Thank you Jesus!”

That was a week ago and Joe said her pain was still gone and she has been telling the whole family what the Lord did for her.

Jesus removed Mike’s pain and diabetes!

04 16 13 MIKE JIMENEZ PHOTOMike had half of his foot removed a year ago due to complications with diabetes. He was still in severe pain and could not walk without a limp. The Lord removed all the pain! After praying for the Lord to heal diabetes, Mike said, “I felt this heavy weight come off me.”  He walked away happy that the Lord had healed him.  Check out his video testimony:





Voice Returning


On Monday I joined some friends who wanted to preach, read the bible, and pray for people in the Free Speech area of Texas Tech University. After doing this for awhile our friend Lindsay came up and joined us.

I noticed that her voice was very raspy and low and then she told me that over the weekend she had lost her voice. So I asked her if I could pray for her.

God opened her sinus and her voice returned to normal! The change was instant and very noticeable, and Lindsay could feel the presence of God!

Yay Jesus!

– Kristen