We were leaving the mall when we saw a woman wearing an arm brace getting out of her car. We asked her if she wanted prayer and she said—YES! Rosa had broken her collarbone and some ribs in a car accident over a month ago and her pain level was an 8 out 10.

Jesus Heals Rosa

Jesus: The Separator

It’s worth asking… How did the religious leaders miss their Messiah… even though they had intensely studied the Scriptures and tried to follow the laws?

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Christian Meeting!

Join us for a gathering of God's people coming together to experience His Presence and goodness displayed through miracles, signs, and wonders!

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We met Mario last year. He was walking with severe pain due to sores on his feet. We asked Jesus to heal him and to remove the pain. Mario was shocked when he was able to walk with no pain.

We then prayed for his eyes. The Lord healed his vision and removed his color blindness. Mario was seeing color for the first time as he opened his eyes and exclaimed, “Look how beautiful the 7-Eleven is!”

Mario, who is in his 60’s,  went to the eye doctor recently. The doctor told him that his vision was good and that he did not need glasses.

Update for Mario