The LORD healed COPD and hip pain for JULIE!

JULIE 01 24 13Julie was walking with a limp along the street. She also could barely breath due to having COPD. Then Jesus healed her and she could breath with no problem and walked without any pain. She was surprised by Grace. Check out the video testimony…

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Karen was healed in the store!

imagesMy wife Renee and I overheard a lady named Karen talking about her infirmity. She had severe pain that shot through her back and down her leg. The Doctor suspected that it was fibromyalgia. So I approached her and asked if we could pray for her. She said, ” At this point I’m willing to try anything.”

So we prayed for her and she said, “I can feel heat…I’m getting hot.” I asked how her pain was and she said, “The pain is leaving…..It is almost zero.” So we prayed some more. Then I said that it was done and that she was healed. Karen said, “I know it is because I felt it go down my leg and out of my left foot.”

She was very relieved because the pain had been so bad that she was in jeopardy of losing her job.  She walked away happy that Jesus loves her.

The Lord healed Oscar!

photoI was driving with Renee my wife and Kristen my daughter when we saw a guy walking with crutches. So we asked what was wrong and if we could pray for him. He said his name was Oscar and that he had broke his right foot in two places three months ago…. and it was still painful to walk. His left foot had a severe bunion that caused pain when walking as well. He also had pain in his hips and lower back due to arthritis. And finally, he said he had hepatitis C.

So we prayed for Jesus to heal him and he said he felt heat in his abdomen and tingling in his feet.  After praying a couple of times, I asked how the pain was? He said the pain was gone! He walked away carrying his crutches!

Homeless but Blessed, Healed and Praising the Lord…. screws and all!

Check out the video…..She was temporarily homeless but still she said,”I may be homeless but I bless and praise God. I give Him Glory because I know He will help me.” We prayed for help in other areas of her life and the Lord ministered to her!  Sheila had metal plates and screws on both sides of her ankle due to breaking it a few weeks previous. She had pain and stiffness when she walked. The pain and stiffness left after asking the Lord to remove the screws and plates and to restore her ankle!

Jesus healed Wanda’s leg and lungs!

Wanda was walking along the street with a severe limp on her right leg. The Doctor’s didn’t know what it was but she had the limp and pain for three weeks. She also had a cold and asthma. The Lord healed her when we prayed! The swelling went down in her knee, the pain left and her breathing improved! She said she could feel warmth on her knee when we prayed! Check out her video testimony.


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The Lord healed Ralph’s back!

Sunday morning four of us – Gabi, Kristen, Renee and Terry – went to the local Flea Market for Street Ministry. We were sitting at a picnic table under a pavilion located in a park next to the Market. An older man rode up on a bike and sat at the same table where we were sitting. This seemed odd because there were three other available tables near us. I asked him if he needed prayer and he said, “maybe”. I asked what was wrong and what his name was. He said his name was Ralph and that he had severe back pain because he had two screws put in his spine after being hit by a car a few years ago.  So we prayed for the Lord to remove the screws and to restore his spine. I asked how he felt on a scale of 1 to 10.  Ralph said, ” it was better…maybe a 6″. We prayed again and he said , “the pain is less …maybe a 2”.  So we prayed again and then he looked up and said, “the pain was gone…a zero”!  Ralph said he could feel heat and tingling in his back while we prayed.  He was homeless due to not being able to work after his accident. We prayed that he would get a job and a home. He said he would be able to work now that the pain was gone!

Praise the Lord!

Jesus took Barbara’s pain!

I noticed a lady seemed to be in pain while standing at a checkout counter in a store. I asked her what was wrong? She could not straighten out her leg and was in constant pain since having her knee replaced. I asked what her name was and if I could pray for her. She said sure and that her name was Barbara. I prayed for her knee to be healed and for the pain to go. Well Barbara called me today to say God had blessed her! The pain had left her knee right after we prayed and has not returned!  She is now able to walk normally and She also felt the Lord had blessed her entire body! Praise the Lord!

Jesus healed Carolyn’s lung cancer!

The Lord had healed Carolyn’s leg a few months ago. She later said the doctors had diagnosed her with lung cancer. She had several tests including a CT Scan which showed a spot on her left lung.  She decided to refuse chemotherapy because her dad had died years earlier from lung cancer while having chemotherapy.  Three weeks after praying for her, the doctors told her they could not find the spot on her lung and wanted her to come back the following week for more tests. Praise the Lord!

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